The Li Lida Legacy Project


Li Lida (1922-1982), was a Chinese painter & calligrapher and master Tai Chi teacher, who lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and immigrated to San Francisco in 1968.  Lida was a Chinese American artist whose vision went well beyond the mastery of traditional calligraphy. We believe he is an undiscovered pioneer of Chinese Abstract Expressionism, who integrated the western concepts of abstract art with ancient calligraphic forms and techniques.  In addition, he wrote, and performed Tai Chi and dance, simultaneously integrating that spirit (chi) and energy into the creation of his art.

His works were exhibited in museums around the world and critics compared him to Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Kline.

The Li Lida Legacy Project evolved from the unearthing of over 100 pieces of his artwork by his daughters, Barbara and Claire Li, whose vision is to create a multi-faceted project that will display the interdisciplinary skills of Lida’s calligraphy, drawings, paintings, Tai Chi, video, and writing.


As part of this process we are looking to meet and collaborate with
   •    Contemporary Artist Interested in Showcasing their work

   •    Museums and Galleries involved with Chinese Art
   •    Friend, colleagues and students of Lida, Ai-Ling and their family
   •    Anyone who is interested in Chinese Calligraphy