About Us

The Li Lida Foundation for Chinese Calligraphy aims to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese calligraphy by introducing works of traditional and contemporary Chinese artists through exhibitions and the virtual gallery on the Foundation’s website.

By partnering with museums and galleries, the Foundation seeks to promote Chinese calligraphy through exhibitions, seminars, performances, and demonstrations


Li Lida, a well respected Chinese calligrapher who was born in Shanghai, China, and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1968-1982, left behind many of his own works of traditional and modern calligraphy, as well as his collection of other well-known Chinese calligraphers and painters. The Foundation owns a sizable amount of his collection and plans to exhibit these works, along with Li Lida’s written lectures and videos on Chinese calligraphy. The Foundation also plans to exhibit the art works of contemporary Chinese artists and invite them to the U.S. to participate in joint exhibitions, lectures, and classes at museums, cultural institutions, and schools.


For the purpose of educating the public about Chinese art, the Foundation is developing a virtual gallery on our website to display the works of Li Lida and other classical and contemporary Chinese artists. For our traditional artist gallery, there will be a description of the style and translation of each art work, and a biography of the artist. For our contemporary artist gallery, a short video from the artist explaining his creative process can be viewed. Through this virtual gallery, the Foundation can bring exposure to many artists whose works would otherwise not be seen by audiences outside of China.


Li Lida was also a performance artist who believed that art could be brought alive through action. The Foundation firmly supports continuing his vision by partnering with museums, theaters, schools, and community centers to give Chinese artists opportunities to present their works through multi-media platforms.


Another goal of the Foundation is to offer cultural exchanges between students and artists in the U.S. and China through web communication, study abroad programs, and educational tours. Such exchange and study programs will introduce American culture to the Chinese people, and conversely, Chinese culture to the American people.